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Guille Forlenza

Content Creator / Animation Director / Motion Grapher

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About me

I am an enthusiastic content creator based in Madrid, with a rich experience of over 18 years in animation, ads, videos and social media content.

Everything begins with a good story.

When I hadn’t even learned to ride a bicycle, I was already creating comics with stories and characters of my own that amused family and friends. Back then, all I needed was a pencil and paper.

Over the years, I decided to study film, which gave me the opportunity to tell stories through a camera. I became a fan of editing and composition, refining my visual eye. I worked on animated series, progressing in my career to the point where I was scripting, producing, and directing television series, leading diverse teams of over 20 artists.

As time went on, I began creating my own projects, developing original series and animated tales with a unique touch. For the past few years, I’ve also dedicated part of my time as a Creative Director for an NGO that promotes art and creativity among vulnerable children. This endeavor has allowed me to channel my passion for art towards a meaningful and enriching cause.

What I do

It all starts with an idea or the need to express something. I take care of everything that lies between these lines.

Content creator

If you're looking for someone who can create universes, stories, and bring them to life in a project, I'm confident that I can help you.

Animation Director

If you're seeking a director who has directed and produced more than 10 animated series and commercials, you can definitely rely on me.

Motion grapher

If you're in need of an artist who can unleash imagination and create visually captivating content, here I am...


Creativity, Leadership, Mentoring.
Scripting, Production, Art Design
Adobe Software Suite
Unreal, Unity 3D, Cinema 4D

My Experience


Cuentos Animados

Animando Vidas

Game Ever Studio

Content Creator

At Cuentos Animados, I created a collection of interactive and animated digital stories. I wrote the tales and defined the game design while leading and coordinating a team of artists and developers. At Animando Vidas, I initially led workshops on Drawing, Comics, and Animation, eventually ascending to the role of Creative Director. Since then, I have been developing interactive and thematic art books. As a partner at Game Ever Studio, I collaborated in developing original entertainment products, including video games and animated series.


Malabar SRL

Game Ever Studio

Encuadre S. A.

Animation Director

At Malabar, I have directed animated series such as "Minimalitos" and "Animalímpicos," which premiered on Argentina's channel, Paka Paka. At Game Ever Studio, I Made the "Canciones del Zoo" Universe, a series of animated music videos for the record label Leader Music. During my time at Encuadre, I directed animated series like "Olocoons," which enjoyed significant popularity in Mexico.


Utopia Avatars


Motion Grapher

At Utopia Avatars, I've created promotional videos for the NFT collection. As a freelancer, I have produced over 50 Motion Graphics videos for advertising and corporate purposes, catering to audiences from around the world.


The Winchesters

Author and Director of the Interactive Digital Story Collection

Animando Vidas

Author and Creative Director of workshops and original books. Please visit the website by clicking

Canciones del Zoo

Scriptwriting and direction of a 3D animated series for YouTube. Please visit the channel by clicking


Direction of a 3D animated series for TV. Please visit the channel by clicking


Scriptwriting and direction of a 3D animated series for TV. Please watch the trailer by clicking

Jimmy Fallon by Lucho SSJ

Direction of an animated music video. Please watch the video by clicking

Maggie Boo

Scriptwriting and direction of a 2D animated series for TV. Please watch the trailer by clicking

Utopia Avatars

Creation of content for social media. Please watch the IG channel by clicking

Cuerpo a Cuerpo by Axel Muñiz

Art direction of an animated music video. Please watch the video by clicking

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